Non-Personal Data only needs 'light-touch' regulations: MP Amar Patnaik
Dr Amar Patnaik, Member of Parliament and the Member of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) on Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB), has said that non-personal data (NPD) should be governed only through light-touch regulations and that too after the development of the market.
He launched the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI)- EY Report on Impact Assessment of NPDG Framework.

During the launch, Dr Patnaik said that if there is “misuse of non-personal data to create distrust in society, create disharmony in society”, then regulation will be required. However, if India does not develop the market and implements stringent regulations, then it will not be serving the purpose. Therefore, the government should promote the market and then implement soft-touch recommendations.

He added that PDPB and NPD are not comparable since the latter lacks the element of privacy. However, he also said that a watertight distinction is not possible between them.
IAMAI Submission to RBI on CoF Data Storage and Tokenization
IAMAI urged the Reserve Bank of India to extend timelines for merchants for implementing tokenization solutions by six months, from the date when card networks and banks complete their readiness, keeping in mind their inevitable dependency on the other regulated entities in the payment ecosystem

In its submission to RBI, IAMAI maintained that the requirement to delete all card storage data is intended to protect the consumers, however, to transition from the current system to a model which is as convenient but more secure would require enough room for merchants to function under the current system, till an alternative is adequately usable.
IAMAI's submission aimed to help smoothen the transition to the new payments framework envisioned by the RBI and to minimise business disruption and consumer inconvenience faced by merchants and payments processors.
Virtual Roundtable | Brand Resilience: Adapting to the Post-Pandemic Consumer & Future | 23 November 2021
The growing digital-first approach has caused a permanent shift in the shopping preferences of Indian consumers. Consumers now are more digitally aware and have a stronger online presence. The offline in-store user experience has been replaced with the expectations of online and on-demand experiences. These experiences are no longer limited to specific locations as the hybrid work model continues to expand and consumers choose to work from any part of the world.

The roundtable organised by IAMAI, InMobi & Microsoft Advertising discussed the resilience in the post-pandemic world.  

Speakers: Sumeet Singh, Group CMO, Info Edge India; Punit Dharamsi, VP - Marketing and Investor Education, AMFI; Vigyeta Agrawal, Head of Brand Marketing, Voot; Vatsal Shah, Head - Digital Marketing, Games 24x7; Puneet Dhiman, Director- Marketing & Growth, Bella Vita Organic; Rishabh Singla, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

Route Mobile Webinar | Driving Superlative CX with Omnichannel Commerce: An E-Commerce Perspective | 18 November 2021
Global shutdowns, disrupted supply chain and a new normal have transformed the way customers navigate multiple channels and plan their shopping journey. E-Commerce has seen an unprecedented boom in the post-pandemic world. The role of mobile in the online buying landscape has never been so prominent. As a result, a seamless customer experience across multiple sales channels is crucial as they switch between apps, websites, social channels, marketplaces, and brick and mortar stores.

The Route Mobile webinar helped in understanding how we can thrive in this disruptive, omnichannel landscape by using personalization, automation, integration, CX best practices and create an end-to-end shopping journey. The experts discussed the current trends and best approaches in D2C and omni-channel marketing. Some key takeaways from the webinar were: a) Transitioning from legacy to omni-channel experience for D2C and E-Commerce b)Future trends and technologies c) Optimizing customer experience across the buyers’ journey and various touchpoints d) Leveraging personalization and automation e) Using communication platform as a service for better engagement and retention

Speakers:  Lloyd Mathias, Co-founder, Com Olho; Piyush Kumar, VP, Head Data Platform Engineering, MakeMyTrip; Priyang Agarwal, Director - Marketing & Growth, Tata 1mg; Sudeep Bansal, AVP – Marketing, Swiggy; Tushar Agnihotri, Country Head India and Regional Head APAC, Route Mobile