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1) Make multicultural part of everything you do, rather than projects in silos. 2) Train people. 3) Set goals and keep score. 4) Build partnerships and leverage people outside your company. – Tony Rogers, Senior VP – Brand & Marketing, Walmart


If you are looking to integrate the multicultural markets into your marketing strategies, you must start defining the audience. The digital avenues are no longer in the nascent stage. The strategies and campaigns are not just limited to English language these days. Brands are now looking to target multilingual audience along with placing special emphasis on delivering the campaign across multiple demographics and languages.  A standard strategy won’t work if you are looking to target a mixed audience. It is different, and one must adapt an innovative approach to tap these markets. You must know who the people in these segments are, what their average income is and what drives them. A marketing and advertising agency with proper knowledge of ethnic bifurcation can help you differentiate between the values, beliefs and the demographics of the ever-evolving Indian markets. They can help you define the audience and choose the proper path in regards to devising a strategy and creative direction. These agencies can develop a central idea by aligning consumer behavior, actions and communication points. They can help you tap these ethnic markets via different media channels like print, digital, film solutions, digital media and much more. If you are looking to seed a visual identity for the central idea in place, a proper agency can definitely help in effective communication of your brand objective to these audiences. The creation of this unique identity in alignment with the target audience results in acceleration of revenue and market growth.

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Unlike the scenario 6-7 years back, the most lucrative digital segment comprises of a younger population. They are much more tech-savvy compared to the standard audience. A dedicated team or an agency can help you target the Smartphone and technical market, to plan and execute an effective ad campaign. This bilingual community has grown immensely over the last decade. It is important to dish out campaigns and ideas in multiple languages, not just English. With the expertise and insights of these agencies, you can convey your marketing messages on multiple online platforms in multiple languages. As a client, one must remember that the new-age young Indian hotbed is an affluent and rich community. If you pass by the chance to tap them, you are leaving a big gap for your competitors to fill in.

The services provided by agencies specializing in Multicultural markets include:

  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Print
  • Digital and Interactive
  • Social Media Optimization
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Cross Platform Instagram Marketing


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