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We at GTI Labs have invented a wearable safety device for women at IIT Delhi. It’s a wearable smart device for women safety which sync’s with the user’s smartphone and can send across their GPS location in real time to friends, family and police. We call it “SYNC” and our design & development philosophy is very different from any of the current SOS devices available in the market.

Unlike any other SOS device, we designed it in a way that the user would use the device everyday so that it doesn’t end up becoming a dead SOS device which might/might not work in the actual scenario because of low battery or forget ability issue from the user if they don’t use the device on a regular basis.

To achieve this, we incorporated smart features, which help the user receive all their smartphone notifications on the device, and it helps the user to control their smartphone’s music and camera too. So a user can also click a selfie and control music with our device. To achieve our target of making this a regularly usable device, we also added basic fitness features into it, which provides the user with their regular fitness data

It was built and designed keeping women and their needs from grounds up. SYNC is interchangeable and can fit inside custom designed jewelry like pendant & bracelets and regular bands. So the user doesn’t need to stick with one piece of jewelry to use our technology.

Using SYNC, a user would never miss any call or notifications since it glows up different LED combinations and vibrates whenever a notification (Like a call, message, Whatsapp) is received.

This is our first step towards the IOT and we are going to build an eco-system of products around SYNC to integrate more into a user’s life.

What is the Motivation behind it?

The 2012 rape case made a lot of people furious including me and my friend (Co-Founder) Dinesh to take some action and finding a solution to this gruesome problem faced by every women in the country. We pitched our idea to the DEITY (MCIT) for R&D capital to materialize the idea. DEITY gave us a task to convince a professor in some reputed University/College to help us in developing the product. After about a 30 rejections, Professor Balakrishnan at IIT Delhi helped us in raising funds from DEITY. This helped us in developing a lot of prototypes and we are now ready with the final product.

What is the USP and differentiator, what sets us apart from competition? 

Our SOS system is designed to cover the highest number of use cases. It also comes with live audio streaming so that someone in danger can send across a lot of information about the criminal and the responders can easily listen to all the details in real time. The responders can chat among themselves during the SOS session to co-ordinate and reach the victim’s spot quickly. They can also invite new users into the session if someone is nearby the victim. Imagine your friend is in danger and you can’t reach him/her at that time, so by using our system, you can invite someone else in the session who could be nearby and trustworthy to help out your friend at that moment.

We are also tying up with a lot of backend service partners to provide “on the spot” marshal kind services for personal security.

Audio Streaming and backend service integration is quite innovative and is our USP but we do have more important features, which sets us apart from any other competitor currently.

It is not just an SOS device, it has been designed to become an integral part of our lives. Users can receive their smartphone notifications directly on the device and it also works as a fitness and activity tracker.

So we are not just security, we are here to improve a users life with better security and fitness activities. By adding fitness and notifications, we have made SYNC more adoptable for the users to make it a part of their daily lives.

The Mission

India is a big market and this is a huge problem. We are on a mission to save 10 Million lives in the next 2 years with SYNC.

Future plans

In short term, to save 10 Million lives in the next 2 years with SYNC and in long term, to create a company like Google which can have a great impact on the world. To build a company which can have a Google X kind lab to venture into and solve more interesting and exciting problems like artificial intelligence, Nano satellites, Wireless power transmission, Nuclear Fusion and many more.

At the end, I just want to say that “Life is really too short to do small things and if people are not laughing at your dreams then your dreams are too small.”


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