“Virtual Reality will become an integral part of our daily chores soon” – Jolly Mathur, Money on Mobile


About  90,000 People attended the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona this year.  Considered to be one of the largest events in the world for the Mobile industry, Thinking Aloud! decided to speak to a few Indian companies exhibiting at the event this year. Thinking Aloud! caught up with Mr. Jolly Mathur, Director, Money on Mobile on his experience at the Mobile world Congress this year.

TA: What was the key takeaway for you from MWC in Barcelona?

JM: I think MWC 2015 was still too technology focused. Too many announcements and headlines at MWC 2015 focused on the launch of new hardware devices, from the new Galaxy S6 to virtual reality headsets, centered on telecom technologies, such as 5G, or focused on the technology OS wars, which will be irrelevant for companies like us but there was lots of chat about mobile payments this year from the likes of Google, Samsung, Visa, PayPal and others, with news of collaborations and new services.

Google’s Android Pay looks set to open new doors for mobile payments with its open source system allowing third party developers to incorporate its technology into their apps.Samsung also made some noise in the payment space with the Samsung Pay service being integrated into their new handsets. The system enables users to pay on their mobiles using conventional chip and pin terminals, which cuts out a layer of friction for the consumer.

Whether all of these new announcements will further fragment the payment market is yet to be seen, and it’s going to be interesting to see over the next couple of years which model hits the mainstream but all sat and done we all will be saying goodbye to plastic in our wallet in couple of years and its only mobile which will be used for all types of transections related to payments including remittances and that is very encouraging for companies like us.
TA: What was the response from other participating countries for your products and for India in particular?

JM: Response was excellent, we got close to about 40 hot leads from 300 odd visitors to our stall, we have much advanced technology compare to most of the countries in the world and people are open to adopt our technology and are more then willing to work with India.

TA: What were the key trends/developments you noticed and is India at the forefront of it all?

JM: Key trend is to  bring everything under one screen and virtual reality will become an integral part of our daily chores shortly.As far as the devices or network equipment’s are concerned we are no where I would say virtually we do not exist in that space but as far as apps are concerned we are far ahead then many countries specially apps which are touching daily life  of an individual.

TA: Internet of Things (IoT) was the buzzword in Barcelona. How will you align your positioning now?

JM: IoT was once again a big theme at this year’s MWC with the halls of the venue stacked with companies showcasing the latest in connected homes, connected cars, and even a connected urine tester! .One of the most fun use cases I saw was Babolats connected tennis racket, which gives you real time data on your playing style and technique

of course, at the heart of all of these ‘things’ was mobile’s role in connecting them together, all bigies like Nokia , Microsoft and chines companies like Huwavi and ZTE were showcasing there products on connected cities. Mobile based and proximity based payment solution is an integral part of connected cities and companies like us will have a definite role play in IoT

TA: Do you think governmental support will be an added advantage for future participation in MWC? If Yes, what kind of support do you envisage?

JM: It is Must, our Government need to participate actively like government of other countries, most of the countries few to name them China, Canada, Israel and even smaller countries like Austria and Pakistan were very well  represented through there Government having separate pavilions with much bigger space and batter representation then us.

TA: What role can IAMAI play in furthering the success of the India Pavilion?

JM: IAMAI should be more interactive in showcasing the policies of Indian government and conducive environment available to do business in India as most of the delegates were bit apprehensive when it comes to setting up a shop in india or doing a JV with an indian company secondly they should be more proactive in setting up meetings with other countries and arranging the CXOs to visit our pavilion.


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