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Why I started Rocket-Tutor?

I love teaching and I do it passionately. I teach because I want to share my knowledge, my methods of learning which I devised when I was a student myself. Online tutoring provided me a platform not only to teach local students but share my knowledge globally.

One day back in 2013, I was tutoring a student on an online tutoring company. I was helping student with some problems. During the course of teaching him I came to know that the student has huge gaps in his learning. I told the student to learn the related topics related and then solve the problems. I even taught the topics. After a few days, the company blocked me on their platform because I violated their rules.

Lots of anger and questions filled me inside. I started thinking how I can help students in a better way. After pondering a lot, I decided to setup my own company where rules don’t hinder the learning of the student.  I started saving money after that for the company. I worked more than what I was working then. After saving money I quit my job and started developing the platform.

I saw many problems with the existing companies both from the student side and tutor side.

There was more needed to be done. The student needed to be tracked in a better way.

50-70% of the student in a classroom of 50 is not able to score more than 50-70 % in their exams. These students have immense concept gaps which not only hamper short term score but as well long term results.

From the tutor side, companies were not harnessing full potential of the tutors. So at rocket-tutor I am trying to solve these problems.

The product

Rocket-Tutor is an online tutoring platform where students can take after school education like tutoring, solve problems, and learn a topic.

Rocket-Tutor is going to be the first real 24/7/365 online tutoring platform. Students can connect to a tutor anytime they want, be it 5 am in the morning or 12 at night.

Using rocket-tutor students and their parents can save a lot of money, time and energy. It’s a huge pain in finding a right tutor.

Parents can save at least Rs. 30,000 and 500 hours of their life per year. These 500 hours can be used for studying.

Rocket-Tutor will be providing the best tutoring experience at an affordable rate.

It will start with US and India and within a year company has plans to expand to Canada, UK.

The next big target of the company is to cut down cost of test preparation like IIT-JEE and Medical.

Product differentiation

  • 24/7 Service
  • Continuous student tracking system
  • Systematic student study plan.
  • Responsive and friendly customer support.
  • Respect for Tutor work.
  • Study material.
  • Better approach towards students problems.
  • Better coordination among teams.

Vision/mission of Rocket-Tutor

  • To improve score of students
  • Enhance long term learning
  • Fill concept gaps.
  • Remove dependency on home tutors and coaching institutes
  • To become synonymous of online tutoring
  • Save time and money of parents and students.
  • Provide better working environment for tutors and other employees in comparison to other companies.

Export knowledge from India to other countries


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