The New OnePlus 2 is poised to be a Success Story.


In quest to deliver more in less money, the human mind and seamless technology has crossed the barriers of innovations time and again.

In a similar story, the newly arrived OnePlus 2 is decked with a bucket full of new features at a price that is just peanuts more than the original phone. With so many new features incorporated in the OnePlus 2, it is sure to be a hit amongst the gadget lovers. In terms of the feel, this new beast just feels excellent. Plying its trade on an 8-core Snapdragon 810 processor with LTE, the OnePlus 2 also features two nano SIM slots for multiple usage. As I mentioned before, more than the specifications, the phone scores huge in terms of the look and feel. The new OnePlus 2 is going to be available from 11 August for just Rs 24,999/- via Amazon India. This time OnePlus promises to give away more invites for its new flagship than the predecessor.  In terms of the build quality, it is poised to give the Samsung, LG and HTC devices, a run for their money. The makers have almost completely ditched the plastic parts, everything is made up in tactile metal. The best is that the metal inclusions do not make the phone even a wee bit heavier. The makers have also introduced impressive optional rear covers for the product. And, these covers are not the normal ones doing the rounds in the market. The new optional covers are carved out of actual wood (bamboo, rosewood, black apricot) to provide an awesome look and feel. The beastly specs sit on a bright and beautiful 1080p LCD screen that offers more brightness than the iPhone 6 Plus. The OnePlus 2’s new 13-megapixel Omnivision sensor is perhaps the clearest evidence yet that megapixels mean nothing. Same number of megapixels as the previous phone, but WAY better images right out of the box.


So, does the OnePlus 2 has all the ingredients to be a startup success story? A big YES. The new entrant has all the features to leave its mark in the overcrowded smartphone market. Upon the inception of the China-based company in 2013, it was a 10-person team. Now it’s got 900 people strewn across a handful of offices, including ones in Taipei and Bangalore, while the company is also eyeing an office in Europe. With continuously striving for new innovations, the Chinese startup has also ditched the CyanogenMod to incorporate their in-house version of Android named OxygenOS. Taking on companies like Apple, Samsung and Google is not an easy task. But, we have witnessed a lot of one-hit wonders in technology before. And, by the looks and the features of the new OnePlus 2, it is definitely poised to be a success story.


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