The Future of Mobile Technology – A Catalyst for E-learning Success!


“Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” – Ray Kurzweil

We all have a lot of people from different industries and business verticals connecting with each other on a daily basis. Hectic work schedules, strenuous studying schedules have turned out to be a part of daily life. However, don’t you think that the introduction of MOBILE has changed the scenario incredibly? According to the KPMG-IAMAI India on the go: Mobile Internet Vision 2017 study, India has a lower rate of higher education enrolment at 18 percent as compared to similar economies like Brazil and China. The low rate of Internet penetration & slow adaptation of E-learning can be attributed to the low number. Also, according to the report, the E-learning market globally is poised to touch $70 Billion by 2020. The scenario in the country is changing at a quick pace. Nowadays, we use mobile apps for everything from booking movie tickets to ordering groceries. Mobile app users’ number will continue to grow in the coming years. The latest trend suggests that mobile technology will act as a catalyst with regards to the growth in the learning sector. Further evolution of mobile technology will provide the learners with an access to a helpful bucket of bite-sized content on their mobiles.

Mobile phones and tablets are already a boon to learners, professionals and students looking out to stay updated on the go. However, it is not as limited as it seems. Mobile learning is a lot more than learning on a portable device. As the internet penetration keeps increasing with each passing day, India will soon steer ahead in terms of consuming mobile learning content. So, what would drive this prediction? India’s ability to adopt new disruptive mobile technology and the eagerness to implement in learning, is the answer. With more and smartphones and tablets entering the Indian markets at modest prices, people are keen to switch to E-learning. Along with mobile technology doing its bit to head towards E-learning success, marketers should do their bit too. It is very important to roll out mobile learning content and training programs to be accessible to the learners. Companies must look forward to dish out learning materials that suit the responsive & the interactive environment of the mobile space. Seamless learning experiences and learning micro-videos can prove to be a game changer for the eLearning segment. As technology further matures and innovations like wearable devices and more hit the market, the process of learning will become even smarter. Mobile technology will continue to play a pivotal role in the growth of eLearning. The users will benefit from Interactive multimedia content delivery, round-the-clock technical support at a lower cost of education. The ever-evolving mobile technology will provide the user friendly interfaces & high speed connectivity to experience the latest in E-learning.


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