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Have you followed the Harry Potter series? Have you heard about the cloak of invisibility? It keeps you invisible to the public eye. It is hard to understand the amount of time & the amount of intelligence J.K Rowling possesses! Coming out with such characters and things is none less magical than the film series itself. However, one can relate the cloak of invisibility with several other sectors & verticals. As I mentioned before, it keeps you invisible to the public eye. In the case of Search Engine Optimization, the public can be your potential customers. You must make sure that your brand is not hidden under the cloak of invisibility. You need to have proper visibility built for your brand on the digital platforms. You need to hire proper experts to gain this visibility. Agencies that specialize in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing can help you attain that visibility for your brands over the web. Search Engine Optimization plays a very pivotal role in the process of E-commerce. Let us discuss what SEO is all about. In a layman’s terms, it can be defined as placement of content over the web by incorporating keywords. The World Wide Web is made up of content. Content can be defined as written words. The search engines function by reviewing this content. They determine which web pages can relate and answer to the asked questions precisely. These engines also make sure that these questions are answered quickly. The results on the first page of Google attract most clicks and visitors. These clicks convert into money if executed properly. It is not just about the clicks on your websites, the Social Media clicks also matter a lot. According to a report by Searchmetrics, Social signals are working as a bonus for organic rankings. Social Media signals such as likes, tweets and +1s boost rankings do affect your overall rankings. Google maintains that it does not directly use these signals as a ranking factor, but the data by Searchmetrics shows a positive correlation between amount of social signals and rankings. Social signals remain important for brand awareness and help to drive organic traffic to top ranking sites.

The optimization strategies contrived by the expert SEO companies are designed to follow the approach of focusing on incorporating high ranking keywords across different sections of a web page. The expert agencies also specialize in producing articles specially developed with relevant and meaningful content for people who visit the page. The idea is to connect with the audience (Your existing or potential customers) and conveying your brand message via a website in a sophisticated and responsible way. The process of placing keywords strategically on a web page plays a pivotal role in the process of Search Engine Optimization. On the other hand, the information provided in the webpage content must also be useful, relevant and customer focused. The importance of good quality, relevant content cannot be understated. Ranking factors, including word count and Flesch readability both increased this year, indicating in general longer texts that are easier to read. As the trend away from the keywords and towards relevant content continues, high-ranking sites are shifting their focus from using keywords based on search queries to trying to understand the user’s intention as a whole and reflecting this in quality, logically structure content. The mission is to make people connect and appreciate the content. A dedicated link building team that creates links to the website on their own web pages are assigned with the responsibility of churning out the back-end results. The existence of these links also contributes significantly to a web page’s ranking. Make sure that you don’t lack behind in the process of your brand visibility over the internet. Step out of the cloak of invisibility via an effective SEO implementation.


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