Starting a Social Media Setup? These 2 Techniques should be a Part of your Plan

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“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.” –Drew Houston, Dropbox Co-Founder and CEO

Huge number of advertising and marketing avenues are opening up in Mumbai with each passing day. Digital marketing is now not just limited to blogs, e-mail marketing and website optimization. More and more brands are now looking to enhance their brand reach on the social media. Big brands and businesses are looking to hire agencies that can help them optimize an integrated social media plan. Are you trying to make yourself visible in the market? Are you looking to start new ventures & create new stories? The vision and the mission of a social media agency is to create a proper plan to position a company or brand in the digital market. They place your brand in a two way communication space between you and your customers. They provide you with services that show the platforms where people are talking about your brands, areas to target and social media tactics to be used to enhance brand awareness. The process of social media marketing can be defined as an electronic word of mouth via internet. The results are visible by consumer statements shared via internet (Websites, social networks, news feeds) about an event, product, brand, services or a company. SMM services provided by a social media agency can churn out results in earned media rather than paid media. Are you looking to be a part of the digital revolution? If yes, here are a couple of techniques used on social platforms that should definitely be a part of your Startup plan.

Strategy Plan & Implementation and Software Recommendation
Some brands are not aware about the social media and its vastness. They often find it a very tedious task to spend a social media marketing budget effectively. Marketing ecosystem is home to a mixed audience; a social media agency should have the ability to assess the audience needs, scribble out opportunities & devise plans for long term social media success. The company should also help gauge the progress with implementation guidelines for a campaign. Working in tandem with the clients to ensure the integrity of the brand and ideas for future development and communication should be your key focus and mantra. There is no dearth of social media tools in the market. As a startup, recommending clients with these tools to track performance, page management, budget and resources can earn valuable brownie points for you.

Profile Creation, Competitive analysis & Social Media Audit
Social Media agencies help the clients identify the social media platforms where their brands should be visible. As a new entrant and a startup, you should have a knack to target these platforms where the audience is looking for brands/services/companies related to the client. The team should also possess the quality to help create and manage social media profiles to attract visitors and initiate a two way communication channel. To be an organized social media agency, you need to provide the clients with competitive analysis to identify the tactics of your competitors and recommend action they can implement to shake their hold on the industry. Providing in depth analysis, social media audit & strategies to improve it by adopting relevant mainstream tactics should be on the tip of your tongue.
The market for startups is booming like never before. With so many foreign investors looking to invest in startups, the future holds a lot of excitement for the new entrants. Just step out & bask in the sunshine.


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