South Asian Diaspora – A Playground for Digital Success

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The “new mainstream” is a term often used by multicultural advocates to describe the coming demographic shift in urban centers, when visible minorities will become visible majorities.

It is a fact to be tapped by multicultural advertising agencies that the large number of South Asian marketing Diaspora traces their ancestry to India. A large chunk of this population is also from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The 2000 census quotes that the South Asian diaspora pile up almost 90 percent of the multicultural population. Community outreach, media placement & direct marketing are one of the most lucrative sectors with regards to South Asian Marketing. Various media agencies should understand the potential of these multicultural ethnic markets & should realize the significance of reaching to this thriving community. It should also be considered that these communities are pretty ahead than the rest in terms of education and wealth. The multicultural market is growing significantly by leaps and bounds, and is here to stay. If the agencies have the power to integrate communications through strategic positioning, creative branding and precise execution, the opportunities are limitless. The astute media placement holds the key to success. With the competition growing in the local and the national market, agencies must look to tap the South Asian community looking to up their digital game & capitalize on the zeal. These communities have targeted South Asian Marketing sectors that are rapidly growing. A single access to multiple South Asian media outlets, fast media and qualitative readership data can help in the deliverance of a proper media plan. Multicultural agencies should not ignore these facts.

These are some of people from Asian Indian Americans who have made their mark politically, scientifically or artistically.

  • Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder Hotmail
  • Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, Nobel Prize, Physics, 1983
  • Deepak Chopra, Personality development & Health Author
  • Rajat Gupta, Former Managing Director, Mckinsey & Company
  • Vinod Khosla – General Partner, Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers; co-founder, Sun Microsystems
  • Norah Jones – Grammy Award Winner 2003, Half Indian


Market Research – The Master Key to Unlock the South Asian Marketing Lock

Do you think there is a demand for your product in these markets? Do your philosophies & agency motives match the needs of this community? There are many agencies that will answer these questions for you. These agencies know the entire market & they aptly test the community’s need for a product and belief in a public policy. They target the potential consumers of the product or service within the market. They impeccably gauge the target audience’s behavior and habits. They create ideas & strategies suitable to the outreach of these communities. All this is achieved with detailed ethnic market research. This research results in planning the needs of the clients of the general ethnic consumer market. Very often detailed and precise market research can provide with real-time information about the multicultural markets to provide the clients with an upper hand over the competitors. Market Research can help the clients build a database for new customers. The clients can gauge the effectiveness of the presented idea & strategy for the product. Market Research in the process of South Asian Marketing must be carried out keeping in mind goals of every client individually.


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