Social Media – The New You!


Everyone should build their network before they need it – Dave Delaney, New Business Networking

The World Wide Web has evolved by leaps and bounds over the years. It has influenced the modern life in end number of ways. The slow net connections and big fat Monitors have gone extinct with people going the fast and sleek way. 80 % of our generation won’t remember the period of time without Smartphones, Tablets and Wi-Fi. These inventions along with day to day innovations have made digital and social media avenues hard to pin down. The idea of marketing and advertising has changed with the aspect of social activism. Most of the big brands are now looking to hire social media experts in India to tap the customers on various social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook have gone way beyond maintaining communication with old friends and tweeting funny tweets. These platforms have commercialized a lot over the past 5-7 years. Majority people have embraced these changes and these people are very comfortable sharing their location and data on various online applications and portals if they can cut out a steal deal. Social media experts in India derive a strategy to help brands to cultivate positive relationships with the online users & turn them into potential customers. If you are a brand looking to establish yourself in the market as a frontrunner in your niche segment through Social platforms, these experts can help you with it. Many brands and companies have websites and blogs but no optimized social pages. Websites and blogs do prove to be helpful to enhance business, but optimized social pages can literally blow them out of the water. If you lag behind on the social platforms, you are providing your competitors an edge in steering ahead of you via their social media presence and prowess. If your competitor is active on the social platforms, it surely provides them a value added benefit.

Social media experts use various tools and apps to enhance a brand’s presence and reach on Social platforms. Various marketing tools like Hootsuite and others can facilitate use of social media for business purposes. These experts use these apps to the hilt in regards to communication with the customers. These apps can be used to schedule updates, make someone else an admin, reply, delete, and or simply listen all from the convenience of a mobile phone or tablet. With all these smart tools available, the agencies make sure that your customer’s queries are answered at all times with quick response. They also provide you the analytics and weekly reports on the campaign progress so that you need not be tethered to your office computer or laptop every day. The good and the bad things about Social Media can be termed as two sides of a same coin. Paris attacks demonstrated that the Social Media platforms can bring both the best and worst out in people. These platforms are not just a simple way of conveying messages anymore. It is the new you. And, if your brands can benefit from these platforms, it is one of the most easy-on-pocket solutions out there for you. And, with Influencer Marketing starting to be a part of the essentials, the road ahead seems pretty bright for all brands, big or small. Along with providing interaction with the target markets and improve responsiveness of your brand, Social Media helps your brand exist and survive socially. Social media sites continue to gain popularity at a rapid rate and it is important for small and growing businesses to use them to advertise and market what they offer.



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