Social Media Optimization (SMO) Segment – Tapping the Potential


The goal of Social Media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army – Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

Everybody is now well-versed about the influx of social surfing in today’s tech savvy environment. Everyone from a kid in 5th or 6th standard to working professionals are hooked onto various social media platforms. These individuals are known to spend a considerable time on the social media websites for various purposes. Social media has evolved these days from just being for entertainment use, many companies and businesses now target these platforms to enhance their business reach amongst the masses. These businesses use (Social Media optimization) SMO services to target these audiences. There are many agencies and advertising companies that offer these services. You need to make optimum use of these agencies and these services to promote your product or services. One can take a cue from Narendra Modi’s election campaign, how important social media has become in recent times. In short, it can be a game changer for any product, service or an organization. Failing to capitalize on these services could mean that you are giving way to your competitors to foray in this booming segment. Let’s discuss some tricks and trades of SMO services and how can they help you.

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization; it is regarded as one of the most pivotal verticals in the field of online marketing and advertising. It can be said that the popularity and reach of an organization, service or a product depends on the optimization of the social pages to promote it on the social media. One would ask the need to do this? It needs to be done because the huge online audience on these social media platforms can’t be ignored. These platforms can enhance your business without any outdoor or offline activities in a much more interactive and tech savvy way. The social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlogSpot and others. SMO services focus on making your presence felt on these sites and they play a very pivotal part to reach the target audience. Recently, I was having a weekend chat with a friend of mine, staying Gurgaon. He is working for a mid-level startup & he informed me that the majority of the agency business is coming through SMO services being provided to the clients. Further, he informed me that the majority of the clients in SMO bouquet came from the tier II & tier III. Local grocery shops, jewelry shops, real estate agents are spending a bomb to avail SMO (Social Media Optimization) for their services. These services offer you packages that focus on different audiences depending on the location, age and much more. And the best fact is that these social media platforms provide a proper mix of these audiences online. One must grab onto the fact that most of the people do not go by word of mouth in making business decisions, they believe what they see. Social media optimization services help in this case through increasing visibility, branding, interaction and engagement.

SMO services mainly include optimization of Social Media pages, Social Media Audit, Social Media Analysis, Social Bookmarking, Content creation & Blog creation, Creation of viral media like podcasts, videos & audio streams, posting views and comments on the pages and much more. In the coming months, the SMO segment will only get much bigger with Instagram already having ads started on their platforms & more and more social apps & platforms continue to flood the Social Media space.


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