Social Media – A Global Phenomenon


Coming a long way from being a luxury, Social Media has evolved to become a necessity these days. Companies and brands must keep an eye on the latest trend in order to tap the potential of the wide Social Media spectrum.

New platforms and innovations are entering the Social world with each passing day. Instagram advertising has arrived and they are just getting started. Over the past year, Instagram partnered with the top marketing agencies in multiple countries to perfect their advertising platform. Recently, Instagram allowed companies affiliated with Facebook Marketing Partners to begin running Instagram advertising campaigns. Using Social media services can help your business reach a whole new level. Social platforms have evolved a lot over the past years. It can prove to be an avid platform to interact, create and share your brand messages to your customers. Since inception, Facebook’s advertising platform has allowed businesses of all-sizes to be extremely targeted and promote their brand directly to a relevant audience. Some of Facebook’s advanced advertising tactics have included dark posts, custom audiences for retargeting, and their Power editors for ads. Various global advertising agencies provide these services for all types of businesses. These platforms can provide lucrative opportunities for brand promotion, attract new customers and build relationships with existing customers. There are several advantages of using digital social platforms. It has a broad reach and can connect to millions of people across the globe. It also gives you the opportunity to target specific groups and sections according to your brand USP and preferences. You can also funnel campaigns, according locations, age, behavior, etc. Now the best part. The majority of the social media platforms is free for both personal and business use. The paid platforms also cost very less amount. It can provide the brands with an opportunity to initiate a personal connection with customers.

Here’s a lowdown on some of these services provided by the global advertising agencies. The agencies that specialize in these verticals have a unique approach towards contriving an effective strategy. They provide SMM services to turn business objectives into reality. These agencies can author and implement content that can put your marketing message across in simple yet creative way. The key is to identify the vastness of the platform and use new-age techniques and tricks of trade to deliver. These agencies use different types of technologies to deliver world class solutions for the clients. Content plays a major role in this process. The in-house teams in these agencies can contrive a unique strategy, create content, manage crises, publishing content and engage with the customers without breaking a sweat. These agencies have well experienced specialists that work for a brand and develop a strategic context for the brand. A year has many special days and occasions, to drive engagement, they develop several contests and engagement activities for these occasions. They also provide content programming, audit and competitive analysis for the clients. The listening and insight services provided by these companies can provide human tagging at a big scale. The quality analysis and scalable metrics provided by them can be pretty beneficial for the businesses. At most of the times, brands are unaware of the happenings taking place in the Social world. Unlike the scenario 5 to 8 years back, Facebook has been implementing new features at a breakneck speed. Features such as Call-Now Buttons, Mobile Carousel Ads, News-Feed Preferences, Pixel Upgrades and Bluetooth Beacons are some of the latest features. Not one to be left behind, Google + is also looking to claim their share of the Social Media action. They announced earlier this year about their plans to split their services into separate products called ‘streams’ and ‘photos’ along with adding up location sharing into Google Hangouts. If you are planning to use the Social Media services for upping your business numbers, you must be familiar with these Social Media Services provided by the global advertising agencies. Get informed & get onto the bandwagon that has become a global phenomenon.

  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Content Creation and Proofreading
  • Blog creation
  • Identity Management
  • Community Building and Analysis
  • Social Media Crisis Management



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