SellBuyBook - 13 dec is an Online Portal where people can sell their Old-books at good price and buy Second-hand Books at cheapest rate possible.

It is a classified plus an e-commerce website.

Here Sellers can post a free advertisement and fix a price at which they want to sell their books, and then a Buyer from a neighbouring place will contact those regarding books.

We also maintain a huge stock of Books, People can directly purchase a book from us.

We will provide home delivery of books at Minimum price possible.

All books we provide are in good condition and at cheapest rate in the Market.

We also give Cash on Delivery facility, only make Payment if you like the Book.

By reusing books again and again, we are reducing the printing of new books, so #SavingPaper, #SavingTrees, #SavingNature, #SavingEarth.

We are also helping poor children by providing them books at Cheapest rate possible, so that their education cost reduces and they can Study and make our Country Proud.


The Eureka Moment

The idea originate from the problem which I and almost every student in this country faces, problem of buying and selling Books. I and my other team members come from a middle class background, so we don’t have enough money to buy new books every semester.

We go to traditional book markets like Daryaganj on Sundays for buying second-hand Books, but finding books there and then bargaining with them is a very painful job. So this is our pain-point and we want to solve this by bringing the whole ecosystem of Second-hand books Online.

The Solution
We are presently dealing with buying and selling of Second-hand books. Problem of buying books for new class, new Semester is the problem almost every student faces in this Country. Most of the students come from Middle-class family and poor family so they cannot afford to buy new books after every 6 months.

They choose to buy second-hand book but finding right book in the market and then bargaining with Shop-keeper is a very painful job. So we thought of solving this problem using Internet by bringing the whole ecosystem of Second-hand books Online.

In India despite of the presence of some big players in the Indian Online book selling market, there is no one big name which deals in selling and buying Second-hand books of a varied genre. There is a big gap and a great need to solve this problem.

Also due to time constraints, not many people are able to visit traditional old book markets (like Daryaganj in Delhi, Church Street in Bangalore). Even if they do, it involves a lot of hassles, and bargaining, which we believe the modern urban population would like to avoid.

This problem is larger in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities where there is no traditional markets and people have to rely on some small shop far away from their home. The market is very large and problem is even lager which can be only solved by bringing all this business Online.


Main Features
We have 2 features on Our Portal:-

  1. A Hyper-local Classified Portal
  2. An E-commerce Portal


Hyper-local Classified Portal: – Here users can post a free ad, upload a pic and set his price. User can select 2 locations where books can be given, like he can select Home location and College location so that there is greater chance of book being sold. Buyer will directly contact seller by our inbuilt messaging system or can directly call him regarding books.

E-Commerce Portal: – We also maintain our own Ware-house and delivery system. User can place order of books and we will deliver books at their home on 50-60% of MRP. We also purchase books directly from users at Rs.100/kg or 10% of MRP and store them in our Ware-houses and then deliver books to other customers who need that book.



Our Market

Books are a necessity of Today’s India, almost every person need books. All section of society, all age-groups need and loves Books. So we can expand to whole India touching lives of every citizen.

But our main focus will be on College Students, Novel readers and book lovers, Students preparing for IIT-JEE, AIIMS, Medical, Engineering, GATE and other Competitive Exams. We also plan to introduce Books of all Category in next few Months.


Our Portal:-



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