Rs 3.4 Cr Raised by a Kerala Startup in Pre-Orders.


A successful startup is always about the urge and inspiration to succeed. Limitations and barriers can always be crossed with determination and vision.


What makes a perfect success story? Maybe some determined people, an idea, some motivation and the drive to succeed. A wise man once said, if an idea clicks, the money and fame follow. What can be termed as a perfect success story, Kerala-based startup Exploride Inc has raised Rs. 3.4 Cr through pre-orders. Close on the heels of their international launch, Exploride has achieved this record-making feat. For the people unaware of Exploride, it is an Augmented Reality integrated head up display, which can convert any car into a smart car. A product that would seem like a transparent glass to the naked eye, it sits on the dashboard and allows the driver to perform multiple tasks. One might think, doing multiple tasks must involve a lot of maneuvering! No, it helps you perform multiple tasks with your eyes fixed on the road. With help of Exploride, you can navigate, checkout the maps, shuffle music, talk on the phone, send and receive text messages and much more. The actions are performed via the usage of voice and gestures. Decked with a quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, USB, IR Camera, 4G LTE and Bluetooth, it can also easily convert into Wi-Fi hotspot.

Going back to Exploride’s record-making feat, the crowd funding development has made it India’s biggest startup crowd funding success story. Exploride has raised Rs. 3.4 Cr from tech enthusiasts at Indiegogo. The product, known as Exploride Heads-up Display, has received orders from most parts of the globe, but the biggest pre-orders, priced at 299 dollars apiece, are from the US. Speaking about the crowd funding success, Sunil Vallath, Founder & CEO, Exploride, said, “Raising a whopping $512,718 in 40 days for a startup is a feat achieved by no other company in India. Your car’s infotainment system, instrument cluster, navigation system, and your smart phone-all these compete for your attention while you drive. Exploride puts all of them in one place, on a transparent display, so that you won’t have to take your eyes off the road.” The product was incubated in the Startup Village in Kerala. Acting on the lines of Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Digital India and Make in India campaigns, Exploride is one of the first locally built global success story. Shedding light on the development, Startup Village Chairman, Sanjay Vijayakumar, said, “Product startup ecosystems that can support early stage founders even in the face of failure have to be created nationally for maximizing the potential of Startup India.” Here’s a video that will provide you a gist of Exploride’s functions.




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