OnePlus going the Affordable Way this Diwali


The mobile phone market is buzzing with new entrants and an influx of new technologies. The festive season can prove to be a real money-minting season for the old and new smartphone companies alike. OnePlus has surely identified this trend.

Diwali season rakes in large amount of profits in terms of the selling of technological products and consumer goods. In order to focus on the volume and tap the huge potential that the festive season offers, OnePlus is poised to go affordable this Diwali. Close on the heels of the OnePlus 2 launch, the Chinese smartphone manufacturers headquartered in Shenzhen are planning to dish out a brand new phone at an affordable price. Since its inception in December 2013 by Oppo Vice-president, Pete Lau, OnePlus has been a cynosure of a lot of attention. With the launch of OnePlus 2, the company has been gunning to firm its presence in the Indian markets. The launch being a huge success has instigated the company to launch an affordable OnePlus model for the India smartphone space this Diwali. If you may recollect, OnePlus 2 had a plethora of high-end technology features at an affordable price. However, to keep the cash registers ringing, the company has revealed plans to launch an even affordable handset this year. The company may have to negate some high-end specifications in the new phone to cover the costs. However, the phone is rumored to be a non-compromising handset in terms of style and design. The styling and design will be focused on the fields of lifestyle and fashion. The price for the news OnePlus phone would be $180-$300. The new handset will be getting a global launch. However, the company is clearly more focused on tapping the India as the key market. Few days back while launching OnePlus 2, co-founder of the company, Carl Pei had indicated towards a second device this year which would be released towards Christmas this year.

Speaking about the development to TOI, Vikas Agarwal, General Manager, India, said, “We’re introducing a new device by the end of this year. Diwali would be the ideal time, but next quarter for sure.” Mr. Agarwal further added that it will be a global launch, however, India will be the biggest focus. In further developments, OnePlus is also working on some plans to launch a new online store next year. OnePlus’s sale by invite-only system has not been very popular with the masses. The launch of the new online store will hopefully be focused on providing OnePlus phones without the invites. As the eCommerce festive wars are poised to get started in the second week of October, it would be exciting to see how OnePlus fare amidst the festive fervor.


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