Mobile App Development Trends – The Road Ahead

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Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it’s convenient for you – Cyndie Shaffstall, Spider Trainers.

A few years back, I proudly flaunted my newly bought Nokia E71 smartphone while I was in the second year of my degree college. Yes, it was a big deal for me (it should be for a student on a meagre pocket money & with a part-time job paying peanuts). However, the scenario has changed by leaps and bounds. If the comparison of the old phones with the new ones is to be put in the words: that cat must be long dead by now. With so many Freemium and Premium apps on offer, the smartphone era has witnessed so many innovations & the new-age phones have long left the laggard sets behind. Along with the entry of so many smartphone providers in the market, there are a lot of opportunities for Mobile App Developers in the market. The transformation of the Mobile App Development market is nothing less than astonishing & it will continue to impress us mightily in the coming months. A glance at the IAMAI-ICRIER report titled “An Inquiry into the Impact of India’s App Economy” reveals that the Mobile App Development sector will emerge as one of the most profitable ones in the coming years. According to the report, app downloads have increased from $24.9 billion in 2011 to $81.4 billion in 2013. This number is expected to rise up to $310 billion by 2016. Initially, Apple used to offer a flat 70 percent of the total revenue to developers. On the other hand, the telecom operators adopted a 30:70 revenue model. So, what’s in store for App Developers in the coming year? And, how can we segregate App Developers into categories? App Developers can be segregated into two categories.

1) Driven by the pursuit of creativity.

2) Driven by revenue generation.

The first lot, mainly consist of budding, young, freelance developers looking to present their ideas in front of the largest audience. The second lot, mainly consists of large companies and industry bigwigs looking to develop apps according to the strategic business model. The combination of both results in 42 percent of the App Developer population and 48 percent of the App economy revenues globally. Here’s a glance at the Mobile App Development trends to look out for in the coming years.

Move over Freemium & Premium models, Paymium model will continue to prosper. In short, a Paymium app is a paid app that charges for extra features via in-app purchases. In spite of growing quick in volume, the Paymium model is still in its nascent stage. It is still being experimented and will continue to grow in the coming years. As an App Developer, it is upon you to choose the monetization model according to your needs. However, experts say that it is more profitable to opt for the Paymium model. India is known as a very innovative and active developer community. Vision Mobile’s survey determined that Indians are the second largest nationality of developers, only behind the American. However, half of them are based outside India. In order to stay amongst the pioneers of Mobile App Development, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest trends and implementing them. Staying informed and implementing the latest on offer can help us build India as a global App economy. One of the biggest trends to study and adapt is the use of App Analytics and Big Data. The developers will become more instigating in terms of integration of analytics to record user information & understand user behavior.

Developers will try to make the most of Platform Based Apps. To cater to rapid application development, more and more developers must use platforms to create apps using HTML5, CSS. These platforms are cost-effective & fast to grasp for the learners. Finally In-app purchasing and advertisement holds the key to success. Marketing is now getting bigger than ever. App Developers must make it a point to properly market their “brainchild” app. The Geography of the App Economy by CTIA revealed that the App economy in the US created 519,000 jobs in 2012. According to the IAMAI-ICRIER report, the multiplier estimates suggest that the direct increase in employment to India’s App economy is expected to range between 76,230 and 84,010 jobs from 2014 to 2016.




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