Microsoft Buying out 6Wunderkinder is Not-to-be-Missed!


“This is why I loved technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy.” – Cory Doctorow, Canadian-British Blogger & Journalist.
This quote by Mr. Doctorow can easily be one of the best quotes that evokes the spirit behind technology and developments. A world dotted by electronic impatience, distractions and innovations, technology really never fails to amaze the audience with its regular developments. And, speaking about developments, mobile and technology are the two segments that continue to dish out developments that makes us go Whoa!! Here’s a glance at the major development this week in the mobile world that perfectly defines the term, “waiting with a bated breath.”
Microsoft buys out German app developer 6Wunderkinder.
Yes, you heard that right. The company behind the popular list-making app Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft this Monday. According to The Wall Street Journal, the deal to buy 6Wunderkinder is worth between $100 million and $200 million. With this development, Microsoft has added one more premium rated app to its ranks and has made it clear that it is gunning to climb atop the mobile app mountain. Wunderlist is an amazing app that helps you organize everything from making appointments to buying groceries on a daily basis. The app will be an exciting addition to the Microsoft-owned calendar app Sunrise.
This is the third one in terms of acquisitions of mobile-based app makers for Microsoft after Sunrise Atelier and Acompli. The 6Wunderkinder app collection works with iOS devices like iPhone and iPad and Google’s Android mobile operating system alike. There was no official comment by Microsoft and 6Wunderkinder on the matter. For the ones unaware about the Wunderlist app, here’s a quick video that describes its awesomeness and uniqueness.

Wunderkinder app Video


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