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While thinking about creating new customer engagement programs and digital marketing packages for a brand, one must look for opportunities to give rather than to get. Media Buying is one of those. However, the dirty little secret is that media buyers are not gazing at the bigger picture. 

You can describe digital marketing as a branch of traditional marketing. Don’t agree? If you look closely, various digital marketing techniques succeed due to the mix of several factors & processes derived by merging new-age techniques and traditional techniques. The digital marketing experts use the wide range of digital channels to properly place the brands and products online. I would describe it in two simple words – Access and Communication. The process is used to promote brands and services on the electronic platforms. It is mainly achieved by the inclusion of promotional efforts made through the medium of internet, social media, smart phones, electronic billboards and various digital television and radio channels. More and more companies are now using these internet based platforms to tap potential customers online. It can help the client and the brands tremendously with regards to steering ahead of the competition. The advertisers and marketers are keen on using the growing internet population to adopt these strategies. This can be easily achieved via using new techniques to increase engagement and build strong audiences. Various departments with a customer interface are now slowly realizing the importance of spending in this sector for increasing the brand value. Media Buying and Media Production are considered to be one of the most important segments in an ad agency. Let us discuss about these 2 services provided by digital marketing experts across the globe.

Media Buying

media buying







Media Planning and Buying is widely considered as one of the major processes. It is one for the future. Yes, programmatic is being touted as the next big thing. But, media buyers will continue to prosper and rake in the moolah. It is the responsibility of the Media buying team to evaluate advertising time and space required to design a successful ad campaign. The platforms for ad placement includes TV, radio, billboards, posters, magazines, newspapers, internet banners and much more. The team works in tandem with the creative team and the client to gauge the requirement and design a campaign.


Ideas are just thoughts until they are portrayed successfully. The production departments, make sure that the creative ideas are put on canvas. Digital marketing experts across the globe provide their expertise in all major departments including production. It is the job of the production team to plan the execution of ideas. Once the advertisement is sold to the client, the team creates a campaign to be designed on a budget. This includes a lot of processes like original photography, illustration, typography, direction and much more. The only problem is that the aforementioned teams are not looking at the bigger picture. The money needs to be channeled in the proper direction to deliver astute brand reach audiences across multiple verticals. The media buying and media production team will continue to play a massive role in attaining success in the coming months. Traditional and digital media will continue to co-exist hand in hand. Our goal must be to align yin and yang. Big Data has become invaluable to media buying and planning. Algorithms will continue to get better & it will easily target consumers precisely, in real time, and can even predict behavior. On a concluding note, I would say that traditional media buying, planning and production services are far from dying & the field has exciting times lined-up in the coming months.


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