Make Way for World’s First Modular Smartphone – Fairphone 2


Along with incorporating new technologies and innovations in the mobile offerings, the need is to go ethical. Fairphone 2 – World’s first modular smartphone is designed to do exactly that.

The Amsterdam-based company had unveiled the Fairphone 1 way back in 2013. The first version was a benchmark in terms of ethically sourced smartphone. Taking things a notch higher, the company has unveiled the Fairphone 2. The new version is said to be the world’s first modular smartphone to be designed entirely in-house. So, what is a modular phone? A modular phone is an open source model that aims at reducing e-waste. Users can upgrade the cellphone via attaching or replacing discrete components. For a long period, Google has been trying to develop such product of their own. Customers only need to pay for the features and easily upgrade to new technologies with passing time. So, how is a modular phone better than a normal smartphone? First of all, replacing components is way lighter on the pocket than replacing the entire phone. If a certain component of the phone is not working, the user only needs to change the broken module rather than changing the entirety. The Fairphone 2 was launched at the London Design Festival. The social enterprise initially opened a crowdfund for 5,000 buyers before V.1 went into production, removing the potential for over-production and meaning they didn’t have to take on external investment. The move has already worked wonders for the company with regards to the first phone. The Fairphone 1 ended up selling 60,000 pre-sale handsets. This has further instigated the company to adapt the same approach for Fairphone 2. The new version has been contrived with the help of London design firm Seymourpowell. Here’s a glance at the build, design and features of the Fairphone 2.

Featuring a 5-inch screen, the Fairphone 2 sits pretty on a full HD Gorilla Glass LCD display. Decked with 32GB of internal storage, the phone runs on Android 5.1 (Lollipop). As with the first device, Fairphone has partnered with The Phone Co-op, the UK’s only customer-owned mobile network, to offer the Fairphone 2 on a monthly contract, starting from £25 per month. Priced at EUR 529.38 (approx. Rs. 38,000), the phone will begin shipping from December. Speaking about the launch, Olivier Hebert, Chief Technology Officer, Fairphone said, “We first examined the key drivers that push people to replace their devices on a regular basis and examined the fundamental features of conventional smartphone architectures that trigger those drivers. After compiling a range of improved features, we selected a subset of items that could be addressed with clever engineering in a reasonable time frame, and explored the tradeoffs that were inherent with those various options.” Powered by a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB RAM, the dual-SIM phone supports 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE. For the camera enthusiasts, the phone sports an 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front camera. Vivian Woodell, Chief Executive, The Phone Co-op, also mentioned, “UK customers looking to combine the ethical credentials of the Fairphone 2 with fair pricing, low call rates and a commitment to building a different kind of economy based on human values and environmental sustainability will find the perfect fit at The Phone Co-op.”



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