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The Problem that KnoDues Solves: Today’s world is extremely social and we all love hanging out with our friends for movies, hang-outs, eat-outs, holidays and a lot more. Get-togethers are so much fun, but managing the shared expenses isn’t! Keeping a track of the expenses and calculating ‘who owes how much to whom’ is a pain.

Writing behind notepads, splitting on calculators and using spreadsheets have now become a passé! With KnoDues, this tiresome task becomes as easy as chatting!

A Brief About KnoDues: KnoDues is your Shared Expenses Buddy! Record your shared expenses, split them easily, keep a track of all your dues and share them with your buddies. It’s as simple as chatting!

KnoDues is a smart phone app designed to ease out the complications faced in tracking & splitting of shared expenses with friends. Essentially, KnoDues is your Shared Expenses Buddy! KnoDues, as the name suggests, helps you to know all your dues at any point in time and also encourages you to settle them in a timely fashion.

KnoDues allows you and your friends to keep a track of all your shared expenses on the go. The app automatically syncs contact list of the user and makes it very simple to add shared expenses for friends – they can easily be selected from the contact list. KnoDues instantly sends updates to friends for any new expenses added. Also, the app provides friends access to a common shared screen where all dues can be seen and expenses can be added or edited from either ends.

KnoDues keeps a track of all the expenses, and specifies how much you owe to your friends or in case you’re lucky – how much you get from your friends!

KnoDues has an interesting feature called “Events” – users are allowed to create events and add their friends to this event. So next time around when you’re planning that exciting trip with friends, simply create a trip event on KnoDues & add your friends to this event, and then each one can record expenses paid by them. KnoDues would automatically provide an “Event Summary” of who owes how much to whom!

With KnoDues, it gets very easy to avoid awkward situations of reminding friends for their dues. Users just need a simple click on the app to remind their friends for their dues. Users can also inform their friends as to how many days they intend to clear the outstanding dues. Such clever features can certainly help save some misunderstandings!

KnoDues pitches itself forward with the tagline “More Friends, Less Dues” because we @ KnoDues truly value your friendships and sincerely strive to never let your dues spoil even a single one of them!


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