How Mobile is Disrupting Test Preparation in India


The test preparation landscape is changing quite rapidly & Toppr has been at the forefront of this disruption. More students are studying online than ever before as they now understand the importance of analysing themselves to help them improve. Toppr has been successful in doing the same while at the same time democratizing access to quality educational resources at an extremely competitive price.  40% of our traffic comes from Tier II cities. Our product gives these students from Tier II cities a level playing field by ensuring that they get all the relevant help in their exam preparation

With internet and mobile penetration increasing in the last few years, the information gap has been on a decline. Tier II/III cities are adopting new technologies almost as fast as Tier I cities, paving a way for them to access better resources directly through the internet. There has been a lack of quality teachers in Tier II/III cities which is usually cited as the reason for students moving to educational hubs like Kota. With online exam prep coming into mainstream, tier II/III cities have an equal opportunity to get world class resources at the tap of a button.

A new generation of users from Tier II/III cities has already emerged and they are extremely active on social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp. India is adding almost 5 million Internet users every month and almost all of them are on mobile. It is estimated that the mobile penetration is likely to reach 500 million by 2017. 70% of all our users are already accessing our product through mobile and this is likely to go up in the coming few months.

If you think about it, education should naturally be mobile first so that students can have access to quality resources anytime, anywhere. Given that we are able to deliver content via mobile devices across India without setting up offline distribution centres we have been successful is bringing down the cost drastically. Students in Tier II/III cities do not have access to good teachers and neither are they financially well off to pay a hefty price. Most of the students who are preparing for exams are born in a mobile era and the rules of the game are changing rapidly. Those who adapt to this change will survive while those who fight this change will perish.


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