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Student’s college and career readiness is more important now than ever before.  In the next five years, the average age of India’s population would be around 29 years, perhaps among the lowest in the world. This translates into greater competition for admission in reputed colleges and thereafter into successful career avenues. The ‘Padhe Bharat Badhe Bharat’ initiative of the Indian Government will only serve to accentuate the problem of access to quality higher education in India. What does this all translate into for the high school student?

In India, less than two percent of the students gain entry into the college and degree option of their choice. To ensure success in getting admission to the best institutes in India, students need to have an action plan for success. Middle and high school are critical for college education planning, and many counselors recommend that students begin planning for college life as early as class six. Planning gives students an early advantage. Before creating an action plan, students need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Know Yourself: What are your likes and dislikes? What are you passionate about? What are your hopes, aspirations and dreams?
  2. Know Your Academic Ability: Understand and accept the impact of your test scores on admission in premier institutions. For the Engineering and Medicine your performance in the entrance test needs to be in the top two percentile of students appearing in the IIT-JEE and AIPMT respectively. For admission in Commerce at North Campus of Delhi University, required scores will be in excess of 95 percent in class 12 board exams. With your best attempt will your grades support your dreams of admission in India’s best colleges?
  3. Research Your Options Well: You need to ask specific exploratory questions in order to create your own list of options. For example: Do I wish to study in the best institute available in India or Abroad? Which institute has programs that match my interest? What if the subject I am interested in is not offered in India? What are the admission criteria for reputed Universities Abroad? What are the costs involved? What is the return on my investment in education, as a whole and from studying in a particular institute? Therefore, what are the future trends of careers in a particular field? Most importantly, what are my chances of admission at a particular college, in India or Abroad?

The big question for students raised in an environment where critical decisions are made by parents is this – how do I complete the tasks without adult support? For parents, the vital question is : Do I have authentic, reliable and requisite information to guide my child in taking vital career related decisions?

For the discerning student and parent, the new, to be launched  GOD App will be like the manna from heaven. It will be the cure for all career related queries of the student and their parents.    The main aim of the GOD App will be to help teenage students reach better academic decisions. To ensure that students are able to reach a properly informed decision, the GOD App has embedded incisive career planning and assessment tools that allow students to identify their strengths, find their goals, sharpen their insight, understand their constraints, and explore their interests in future careers. The GOD App is equipped with six powerful features, all designed to assist students in planning for undergraduate education in India and abroad.

Profile Builder: This feature will assist students in identifying their passion. Once that job is done, the next step lies in identifying academic goals that include those things that the student is passionate about. The third step in this process will be to identify the gaps in a student’s profile – either academic or ‘holistic’ that may be a roadblock in achieving their academic goals.

College Search: The GOD App will be omnipresent. It will contain details of top ranked university choices in India and wherever there is quality education available. For now the focus will be on bachelor degrees available in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Germany and France. Students can search for the specific colleges or they can also enter specific details that would help them to create a shortlist of universities. At a single click, students will have access to relevant information about the college or university, including degrees offered, admission criteria, fees, climate, campus safety index and other details required to reach an informed decision.

Spend & ROI Calculator: They say an investment in education pays the best returns. In order to track the exact spend and to know the approximate return, the GOD App has an inbuilt investment tracking mechanism. It will provide details of fees and other expenses involved in studying at a specific college. You will also get to know the median or average salary for fresh graduates from that college. Wherever available, statistics of salary after 10 years of service is also included.

Performance Tracker: There is an old saying that says “what gets measured gets done”. The Performance Tracker will assist you in measuring your own performance over a period of time. The performance tracker is your companion from grade 6 onwards, till the time you have completed your High School. Use the performance tracker to measure your achievement over a period of time. Normally, to achieve success, students should have an upward trending graph, that is consistent. Sharp fluctuations would tend to project fluctuations in effort, or worse, incompetence. You can track your performance year-wise and subject wise. You also get an understanding of your performance in comparison with your peer group.

Gap Analysis: Once you have identified the criteria for admission in a certain college, you can track your own performance in meeting with those requirements. This is an important tool to assess your performance and if required change the goal post.

Calendar Notifications: You could use this passively to receive important notifications on competitive and academic examinations like NTSE, Olympiads, CBSE, SAT, Advanced Placement, and other such exams. You will also be notified of college application and admission deadlines. You could use this feature to create your academic and application calendar – use it to remind you of approaching deadlines.

The GOD App allows you to set your own path, to invent your own success mantra and to find a new way of achieving academic excellence. With the GOD App, success is easy. Keep it simple – download the GOD App now, fill out the details and then follow the success mantras that apply to you.



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