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Content is fire, Social Media is Gasoline – Ryan Kahn, Career Coach & Founder, The Hired Group.

Social media platforms and Social media consultants are growing with each passing day. The influx of so many different Social Media platforms has opened up a lot of opportunities for people with a proven expertise in handling diversified Social Media platform for clients. With Instagram announcing the arrival of ads on the platform, the Social Media space is looking forward to some exciting developments in the coming months. The digital eco-space is not just limited to Facebook and Twitter. People are now hooked onto different new-age platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Ello and much more. These platforms are not just for the purpose of social networking. It can be a blessed place to advertise along with tapping potential customers and enhancing your online presence. It can be very helpful for the corporate brands and services. By opting for Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ads, you can choose and customize your target audience of more than one billion people. You just need to select a particular age, gender, location and interests. The boom of the social media has provided individuals with exclusive options to channelize their requirements and focus their marketing efforts like never before.  If you choose the correct option, an expert consultant and an agency, you can harvest significant results without exceeding your budget.

Are you aware that a wide range of adverts and networks are now available to cater to the needs of Social Media Marketing! Social Media consultants have the knack of identifying the needs of the target audience and provide you with an optimized digital campaign along with geographically targeted ads. They also provide you with real time reports, analytics and competitive analysis to help you track the progress of the campaign and ensure maximum visibility and proper engagement. Many well-known and established creative agencies in the country that provide with a wide range of social media services have placed special emphasis on Social Media spends while planning a campaign. These services are specially designed to contrive cost-effective results via social media activities. These processes include contriving a strategy, creating a media marketing plan, Facebook management, B2B marketing, Social Media monitoring and much more. These agencies have the experience of working with clients of all shapes and sizes. So, if you are looking a consultant for your start-up or your already established company, these consultants can design customized packages for one and all.

The Social Media Consultants (SMCs) work in tandem with the clients to research, develop and implement a strategy that can be highly beneficial for a client’s business. The SMCs with their dedicated time to the help the brand identity, carry the expertise and a holistic approach to provide you a one stop solution for your requirements. The services offered by them are not just limited to the social side; they adapt an all-in-one approach with insights from PR, communications, HR and recruitment to provide you with the best and cost-effective options. Via evaluation and discussion of your social media usage, these consultants can also work with you to develop social CRM processes to make sure that your social communication flows are real-time and the social media data are mapped to your CRM database.


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