Embracing Mobility: Mobile App Monitoring Areas

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Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations – it will transform your entire business. – Thomas Husson, Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Catering to the influx of a wide of smartphones in the market, mobile industry is set to witness a revolution in app building and management segments. Device management and unexplored experiences will play a very critical role in churning out more customized app-level policies in the future. Along with implementing a multi-screen digital marketing strategy, industry big players will also be test-driving new mobile trends to maximize app revenue. Designing a proper mCRM (Mobile Customer Relationship Management) strategy will also play a pivotal part in the overall digital strategy with a mobile-minded team. A single answer to multiple questions in terms of digital would be, “mobile first”. And, with the scope of mobile analytics booming like never before, app owners will be placing much more emphasis on selected areas in terms of mobile app monitoring.

Redefined User Acquisition Process

The user acquisition process will not stay limited to the clichéd metrics. The basic acquisition metrics would witness a whole lot of analytical inputs and innovations in the coming months. Information about the sources of download, demographic, number of sessions, duration of campaigns will be an important part of the analysis. App publishers will also focus on user’s LTV (LifeTime Value) to identify proper areas for correct channeling of their ad spend. Customized user acquisition & attribution will help the app publishers to make the most out of the ad strategies.

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User Experience (UX) to Differentiate Freemium & Premium Apps

During the process of developing an app, a lot of money and time is invested. Once the app is developed, a lot of efforts are injected to ensure it gains maximum downloads. After the download process is achieved, app owners are waiting to rake in big cash for it. But, what would actually make those coins jingle? The answer – User Experience. UX will be playing a huge role in the success of both Freemium and Premium apps. Publishers will be using the latest in mobile analytics to monitor any friction in the UX & cut down the bounce rate. The mobile app market is dotted with fidgety users. They are very quick to delete and switch. Thus, to ensure maximum profitability and reach, app publishers will be refining their onboarding experience to engage their users. This process will also increase your app’s LTV.

Along with these areas, app publishers will also place special emphasis on in-app advertising for enhanced monetization, use of real-time in-app analytics to deliver a complete mobile app experience.


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