Divinehaat.com is the brainchild of two women entrepreneurs Neha Bansal & Cheenu Gupta who wished to bring change by capitalizing the emerging start up e-commerce culture. This venture was started with a vision to create a thriving business around handicrafts which will serve the society in an economical yet humanitarian way. The founders of Divinehaat.com researched exhaustively to understand the paradigms of this business. The fact that country-made handicrafts from India are exported to other countries while within our nation this art doesn’t enjoy a patronized status was the root idea for creating this start up. Through this venture we aim to bring more employment opportunities to the artisans and also promote the credibility of handicrafts.

Neha Bansal, an Engineering Graduate and with masters from IBS Mumbai, was a corporate employee holding a managerial position in banking sector chose to quit her job and follow her passion. Her experience and exposure to the world of business gave her the additional insight which further helped her in commencing a start up business.

Cheenu Gupta, completed her masters from GJU, Hisar and was involved in different assignments of Digital Marketing consulting. She takes keen interest in ecommerce business.

These passionate ladies studied handicrafts from across India and then incorporated the research in the business plan which targeted profitability of buying and selling of handicrafts. Providing a sustained demand and supply chain for this business was of paramount importance. As incredible as this idea was, it needed deep understanding of the financial attributes pertaining to the production and consumption of handicrafts in India. Moreover, as a start up Divinehaat.com had to face initial challenges and gladly we scored and overcame them.

The company opened its first Office Cum Product Display in Gurgaon. Interestingly, the response received was more positive than anticipated. This motivated the founders to further add more and more product range from every nook and corner of India. Today, Divinehaat.com provides a modern and efficient medium to sell and purchase handicrafts across India.

With this venture our goal was also to promote the idea of Make in India. Handicrafts being one of the most appreciated indigenous craftsmen produce were the perfect choice to initiate such a campaign. Our exhaustive research indicated that we as a nation needed some serious efforts to push forward our native products on an international platform. Moreover, we realized that our society indeed has needs for handicrafts and as of now that need is being fulfilled by machine made products from China. Such products from China which are being used as souvenirs don’t have the divine touch a handmade product has. Also, the fact that the souvenirs are extensively utilized as a personalized item which serve a more social need than an economical one; the human touch attribute plays a more important role. Moreover, we can’t deny the economical loss to our nation’s economy when we serve our needs by products which are made in a different country. This fact motivated us to promote our country-made handicrafts on a scale which would elevate them to a higher pedestal and eventually replace the items made in China. Through Divinehaat.com we target to attract the section of the society which has been spending money on imported items from China and thus enhancing the economy of a foreign nation.

Divinehaat.com is committed towards bridging the gap between artisans and consumers. While creating the bridge we also want to divert our people’s attention towards our own products rather than the products made across the border.



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