Digital Media will continue to Witness Media Buying & Planning Innovations in Coming Years


“To accompany the four Ps of classical marketing, marketers would do well to instil the digital four Cs, around conversation, collaboration, culture and compensation.” – Zaid Al-Zaidy, CEO McCann London
The number of internet users in India will increase from 243 Million to 500 Million by 2018. India will become larger than the US in terms of the number of Internet users by the end of 2015. Some advertisers and marketers consider Media planning to be a tedious process. Yes, it is not a cakewalk and does involve some technicalities. However, one cannot ignore the fact that it represents one of the most pivotal facets of advertising. Planning departments in almost every digital media agency can provide you with a regular overview of media plans and campaigns along with real time reports and data tracking. The big players in digital media have been managing campaigns of all shapes and sizes irrespective of the brand value. If you are looking to save huge amount time along with guaranteed & quality results with automated requests and conversion of offerings into campaigns, do keep a tab on the evolving media planning & buying trends. Many reports suggest that majority agencies have their own ad networks. The process of having an ad network makes the planning process much easier. Along with achieving integrated results via accessing multiple locations at any given time, the page managers and planners are now incorporating new innovations to provide competitive media plans. Live statistics and code support directly from the server now play a major role in the process of digital media planning. Along with adapting new innovations, 2015 will witness many companies consolidating media buying & planning mandates. Dabur India was in the news recently as they announced the plans to consolidate Media duties. Here are a couple of segments that will witness multiple innovations in the coming years.
Real Time Bidding
Majority agencies will have the process of Real time bidding in place. Many marketers (mostly the new entrants) are still unfamiliar with the concept of real-time bids. This process of making bids for ad insertions in real-time through an auctioning server & bid obtaining are picking up quick pace. It is not a lengthy process and bids are evaluated in milliseconds. Multiple advantages of this process will surely make it hit in the market. It provides you the best prices along with optimal use of ads. It also facilitates collaboration with various platforms. The processes of frequency capping, targeting and optimization can be easily achieved.
Sponsorship & Experiential along with Media & Market Research
The majority of the agencies will be focusing on planning, creating and iterating innovative media and event sponsorship deals for the clients. Along with providing proactive recommendations to the clients, it allows you to design projects with indicative elements. Planning departments will channel their expertise in the process of designing, executing and delivering multi-market events. In regards to Media & market research, comprehensive consumer mapping with communications across bought, owned and earned media will take a center-stage. These innovations will provide the agencies with market analytics and strategic insights across geographical segmentations.




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