Digital Advertising – Tricks of the Trade

Digital Advertising - Tricks of the Trade

The majority of agencies, consider themselves, a creative, advertising and a marketing firm where many creative and technological people merge, iterate & brainstorm to work towards similar marketing ideas with a single-minded focus. Advertising agencies must share the concept of “Innovative Thinking & Marketing” that links left- and right-brain thinking, creativity with technology and traditional with digital. Most importantly, it must connect brands with buyers by spreading the communication channels around. Advertisers need to communicate more effectively with the audience. Nowadays, everyone is looking to advertise themselves. Yesterday, I went to a salon & while conversing with the hairdresser, he asked me in which industry do I work? I replied that I work in the digital industry, social media and stuff. At that point, I came to know that he was looking to market the salon on the digital platforms. A simple process of communication can easily result in client building. The key is to show the relevant sides of the marketing trade to these clients. The idea is to remember the language of the customer rather than speaking using our own made up vocabulary. Speaking about the agencies, the media agencies must embrace performance marketing at the planning and executional levels. The most important trick of the advertising trade is to be relevant and be integrated. With so many marketing tools, channels and techniques available for integrating different types of advertising campaign, it is important for the clients to have an agency on their side. On the other hand, agencies must create an overall effect of an integrated campaign to feel like a seamless experience for the consumer. Along with the reach and results, it is also important to dissect and measure each individual part of the process behind the scenes. And, agencies can help with the process. From print to banner advertising, from direct mail to targeted search marketing, search engine optimization, public relations to social media. Agencies must focus and tap every vertical and field of digital marketing to help the clients enhance their online presence, social media prowess and advertising reach amongst the masses. A product is only as good as the campaign that promotes it. A well-designed, accurately branded and properly targeted advertisement is the difference between high market share and total obscurity. Agencies that merge and collaborate the tried-and-true principles of traditional marketing with the digital vehicles of today will attract long-lasting loyalty from the clients. The digital campaigns have to set new standards and redefine the capabilities of digital advertising. The various services offered by the agencies include:

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Illustrative & Interactive Graphics
  • Internet Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy & Consultation
  • Online & Print Advertisements Collaboration
  • Photography & Video Production
  • Promotional Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Development, Management & Training
  • Website Development/Animation & E-Commerce
  • Facebook ads
  • Google Pay-Per-Click
  • Banner ads
  • Twitter & Instagram ads

Most of them are also well reputed and connected to help your business in all aspects of advertising or just one if that’s all your business requires. It does not matter where the clients are located, agencies must provide solutions for all the marketing and advertising needs. Technological progress, E-mail, fax and influx of smart phones and cell phones make location less important these days; however, there are many advertising agencies that place their trust in creating personal connections with clients, both existing and potential.



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