Comprehensive Marketing Mix – The ‘DAB’ Theory


A marketing communication agency provides consultancy services on brand strategy, design, creative and strategic branding & marketing communications. These agencies specialize in churning out cost effective brand designing and strategy. As a brand or a company, one must focus on having the big 3 as a part of their overall strategy. I call it the ‘DAB’ theory – it includes Digital, Advertising & Branding. On the other hand, the vision of agencies must be to provide their marketing expertise to clients spread across various verticals. A brand or a client is always looking to associate with an innovative and an evolving agency for various nuances of digital marketing. Sometimes an agency does not excel in all the verticals; this leaves the client in a lurch to choose multiple agencies. This is where the comprehensive ‘DAB mix can prove to be helpful. It is a process of providing everything under a single umbrella of marketing and communication agency. These agencies ply their trade across several verticals from hospitality and hotels to consumer goods, financial services and retail. You must have browsed quite a bit too about what makes a good brand successful and how different agencies are implementing the most effective brand strategies to help brands, both large and small. These agencies can help a brand have its own voice in an otherwise cluttered marketplace with innovative marketing strategies. They implement various techniques like market research, analysis and effective brand strategy to design a brand platform that ensures your brand engages and connects emotionally with your target customers – backed by creative online and offline marketing communications strategies that achieve results.

Agencies must explore the 3 core avenues in terms of marketing communications, Digital, Advertising and Branding to provide consistent results & build long lasting brand value. Let us discuss in detail about these 3 pillars of Marketing and Communications.


The growth of digital has literally gone bonkers. Print and TV might still be ruling the roost in terms of money earned. However, if we speak about growth, digital has grown the most over the last three to four years. More and more brands are now looking to invest more in the digital avenues. The scenario was completely opposite if we go 10 years back. Many brands and companies used to find it hard to connect with the digital aspects of advertising and marketing. The digital platforms can sometimes come out to be very complex in nature and execution. A marketing communication agency offers a wide range of digital services to help you steer ahead of your competitors. The digital services provided by these agencies include Website Designing, Responsive and Mobile, App Designing & Building, Digital Strategy and SEO.


The advertising industry is not as it was a decade ago. Many would think that the influx of social media has knocked of traditional media techniques off its perch. However, advertising is an industry that never remains constant. In 2016, brands will be looking to integrate social media into their traditional advertising campaigns. It may not sound bold, but commercials are great for generating awareness, but by integrating hashtags and social media channels, brands can tell their story beyond the :30 sec spot, print ad, or billboard. In simple words, advertising mix of traditional techniques and new innovations will drive huge success. Experiential advertising is also one of the major segments to watch out for. Nowadays advertising is not just about broadcast media and press and outdoor, it covers a wider range of social media, display, re-targeting, tracking and analysis and e-communications. Agencies must work in tandem with the client’s requirement to conceptualize a proper end product.


Branding is not just about what shade of red or blue to use for your logo & what image you want to portray from the start. Branding has many more facets to it. In an effort to give your brand a platform to stand on, you need to be sure that all of your messaging is cohesive. Media sector is a fast-changing world, brand creators must remain flexible to stay relevant. Being flexible while designing branding strategies, also helps you to be creative with your campaigns. Cultivating loyalty programs, providing competitive awareness and adopting a certain emotion are the most pivotal things to keep in mind for marketers. Branding is considered to be a vast field with numerous avenues to explore. Every brand differs from the other; likewise, every strategy has its own uniqueness. A marketing communication agency identifies the client’s branding objectives to provide them effective brand campaign names & campaigns pertaining to corporate identity guidelines on Pan-India, National and Regional levels. Branding services include Naming, Brand Creation, and Brand Development & Brand Launch.

Integration of ‘DAB’, all the three processes can make your overall marketing strategy both functional and intentional. Yes, making money is the most important thing, but, making a brand that lasts for years is a different satisfaction altogether. Merging digital, advertising and branding can help you put the disconnected pieces of your business puzzle together.


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