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8 things businesses can learn from the Tour de France

This year my summer started with a visit to Yorkshire, joining an estimated 3.5 million cycling fans to see the 101st edition of the Tour de France kick-off. As a relatively recent fan of the world’s largest annual sporting event, what I learnt was fascinating and has many parallels with my business life. Here are the 8 […]

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7 gears to give your organization the “Speed to Lead”

Imagine trying to manoeuvre a Boeing 747 aircraft – then compare that to the nimble handling of a sleek two-wheel motorbike. It’s a perfect metaphor for the tougher challenges faced by larger, more established companies in trying to stay agile and innovative. Start-ups are often fearless, with nothing to lose, measured by how quickly they […]

Dream Big, Market Well

You may have read a recent blog by my colleague, David Eden, about the Luxe Mirror we built and showcased at Dreamforce –’s annual conference attended by 150,000 business leaders, visionaries and product experts. Since the event, we’ve had a fantastic response to the prototype and we’re now in conversations to develop the concept, with a view to […]

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10 things every non-coder should know about coding

Do you think coding is solely for coders? Think again! To make the most of business opportunities and minimise the digital divide, it is necessary for everyone to understand the language of technology – allowing marketing, IT and also agencies to have a common language with as little ambiguity as possible. Here are the 10 […]

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Business has a new marriage, here comes the CIMO

I started out as an encryptor having graduated in telecommunications engineering. I haven’t yet met another CMO with this background and so this puts me into a rather niche segment. It also means that I have always had an unusual interest in my CIO’s backyard! Seems that is becoming quite a trend. Gartner predicts that […]

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