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Startups- The Employment Engine

India is the fourth largest base for young Startups in India. Today it is home to more than 3000 young and vibrant tech/digital Startups in the world. And it is beyond doubt that by 2020, this number will conveniently rise to 11,500. Driven by factors such as massive funding, constantly evolving technology and the gift […]

India Retail and the road ahead

The Retail sector has been at the helm of India’s growth story and the one which has evolved in a phenomenal manner from traditional kirana stores, rural fairs and owner-manned small and medium sized shops to larger format convenience shops and plush malls and outlets growing from pillar to pillar. The Government of India also […]

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Business transformation in the digital age

In today’s constantly innovating, evolving and technologically advanced age, corporate and entrepreneurs must do everything they can to keep pace with the improving efficiencies. Since the beginning of this century, big Corporations have disappeared. In their place, have emerged a generation of digitally-driven businesses such as Facebook, Twitter, and most recently the E-commerce era. Business […]

India & New age Business

One of the key indicators of a consistently growing economy is NOT when market leaders grow and take the industry with them. It is when the smaller entrepreneurial ventures starts growing at a fast pace and provides newer dimensions to the economic ecosystem of a country. One such emerging domain is the Indian New Age […]

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Indian Start-ups & the Digital Age

India has been the focus of International news for some time now for her voracious appetite for growth and the new reports from various studies have been startling. She will soon have the world’s largest Smartphone user growth rate and will soon surpass U.S. in the number of total Smartphone users. The Government of India […]

India: The new Silicon Valley

In May 2015, The Co-founder of Snapdeal, one of Asia’s leading online Retailers, Rohit Bansal boarded a flight from Delhi heading to Silicon Valley. Historically, this could have meant another Tech Moghul leaving the country for ‘greener pastures’ in the West. But, fortunately, this time it was quite the other way round. Bansal was headed […]

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