Aroon Kumar, ValueFirst on the launch of Tweetrix at MWC 2015

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Thinking Aloud! caught up with Aroon Kumar, Head – Marketing & Social Media, ValueFirst to get more insights on their recently launched product Tweetrix and to understand the future of twitter in the country.

TA: Twitter is buzzing more than ever. How important is #Hashtag Marketing for brands according to you?

AK: Hashtags are a moniker of establishing an identity on Twitter. Brands must leverage the ability to appear distinct using the tools at their disposal. It becomes an imperative for them to market anything on the medium

TA: What’s different about Tweetrix, considering there are already numerous tools like Hoot Suite, Thoughtbuzz etc available?

AK: Tweetrix is distinct from the point of view that it has a singular focus on Twitter and managing conversations on Twitter. This makes us specialized in the ability to analyze Twitter streams, detect events, predict trends and give an unparalleled and uncluttered focus for brands to manage their reputation on the medium.

TA: Why did you launch the same at Mobile World Congress 2015, Barcelona?

AK: MWC is the single largest gathering of the worlds most prestigious brands that have seen the mobile device evolve from being the fourth screen to now the primary screen for a user. Tweetrix and its ability to instantly manage your brand from this first screen devices is a tremendous opportunity for us to leverage and hence our launch and presence here.

TA: Could you share a case study of a campaign that has used Tweetrix?

AK:, one of the leading shopping search engines is using Tweetrix extensively for sentiment on Twitter and upcoming trend analysis on lifestyle, fashion, electronic and gadgets etc which is helping them to design their campaigns and position their offers, deals and discounts etc.

A leading English News channel in India has extensively used Tweetrix during the last budget campaign to monitor the public opinion and expectations through various conversations on Twitter and analyzed trends that were used in their discussions and online campaigns.

TA: Who is your primary Target Audience?

AK: We want to engage leaders who care about the digital presence of their brands. These may include Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers and even Chief Information Officers of organizations that are eager to adopt newer innovations and technologies to help brand reputation in the social media age.

TA: Paid Marketing of twitter i.e sponsored tweets are still priced steeply in India. Do you feel the pricing affects marketers and thus they are investing more in Facebook?

AK: We have been keeping a close tab on how this market is evolving. It is interesting because Facebook clearly has the first entrant advantage. Owing to its popularity in the younger market, their reach has commoditized their advertising rates and made it easier for marketers. Twitter on the other hand has recently opened up to the potential of the Indian advertisers. Technologically as well, they now have a backhaul that is able to geo-target the twitter advertising quite well. It is only a matter of time before twitter starts competing with facebook on the advertising rates.

What all other innovations can we expect from ValueFirst in the Future?

AK: We are in the business of helping the CMOs/CIOs engage with theirs consumers – in that context we have several marketing automation platforms/services in the roadmap like automated multi-channel survey platform, loyalty management and community management tools. We intend to integrate our existing platforms with social platforms for creating more effective engagement.

TA: Is social media going to play a major role in the way brands reach out to consumers? If yes, how do you then see other digital aspects of marketing play out?

AK: So far social media has played a role of an add-on that gets tagged alongside search engine marketing and other such mediums. We are now seeing a turn around where Social Media is leading this role. And the single most important factor for this turnaround is data and insights. The more social media is able to provide pinpoint insights on users, the better targeting and native conversations the brands will be able to hold.

In such a scenario other digital mediums will play a supporting role.


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