‘Are you willing to barter your privacy with security?’

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Thinking Aloud! caught up with Mr. Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, Vivaconnect on his experience at the Mobile World Congress this year.

TA: What was your overall experience at the MWC? What was the key takeaway for you?

VR: MWC was the place to be for all the mobile leaders, throughout the world, where they could gather, collaborate and conduct business. From latest gadgets to mind-blowing technological innovations, all was present under one roof. It was an exhilarating experience to breathe in that atmosphere. I understood that if the context is strong, you can create multiple concepts based on it. Internet connectivity and reach are still a problem and nearly 4 billion people across the globe live without internet access. Google has taken the job  to provide internet access to such places via its Project Titan. I think this strategy is beneficial for Google, as they can later leverage on this by making new concepts based on it.

TA: What was the main trend at MWC across all the country pavilions?

VR: Mobile security was one of the main concerns for consumers and tech-companies.  “Are you willing to barter your privacy with security?” was the topic of debate everywhere. I think traditional calls and SMS play an important role where security is concerned. Be it OTPs or Voice Call confirmation, the security factor increases if you connect your Mobile number with online services. Also, there was a lot of fuss around Wearables and IoT (Internet of Things).

TA: What kind of response did you think was there for India?

VR:The knowledge that I acquired at MWC 2015, confirms my belief that connecting people via Mobile, directly or indirectly, is the future of every industry. India is rapidly growing with more than 70% of the people still owning a feature phone. I think the Voice and Missed call industry has a good space for expansion in India.

TA: IoT was the buzzword at the MWC. How do you think will future launches shapeup with IoT?

VR: Yes, as I told earlier, there was a big fuss around IoT. With a lot of wearables being launched, I think the world is now slowly converging into an altogether connected space. Any new product in the future will have to take care, that it should be able to communicate with other parallel devices. I think IoT is going to become the next mainstream fad.

TA: Did you see mobile applications centered around social media? What impressed you the most?

VR: No, I didn’t find any specific mobile application related to social media, but there was a hall, App Planet, which showcased a lot of app-focused exhibitors, which was impressive. I think with the rise of new networks like Snapchat, brands need to frame advertising content according to channel specific audience.

TA: How do you think Indian companies can gain from more active participation in MWC going forward?

VR: Indian companies who work in international markets will be the biggest beneficiaries of participating in MWC in the coming years. MWC has huge participation from a lot of relevant people across the globe, scouting for the right products that could give them an edge in their business. Given India’s reputation to create some wonderful solutions, it’s a win-win situation for both the parties.


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