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Every startup has a mission to grow and excel at a faster pace to place its name on the industry success list. However, one must not overlook the basic regulatory laws and taxations that can be defined as a part and parcel of the game. If you have your business perspectives clear, it is also essential for a startup founder to maintain transparency in terms of legal and professional issues. Keeping a tab on the business needs right from the incorporation stage to the present compliance requirement is very essential. How about a startup that can handle all the legal and professional hassles of the startups? A company with the professional service expertise essential for the new entrepreneurial ventures! Meet MeetUrPro, a controlled online marketplace and delivery platform for professional services for the startups.

MeetUrPro, a brainchild of Divakar Vijayasarthy and Rajesh Inbasekaran, is headquartered in Chennai since its inception in July 2014. The platform focuses on creating awareness amongst the startups on their obligations and providing them the professional services to comply with the same. The company has a team of dedicated individuals and a proprietary technology required to provide end-to-end services in terms of personal and business taxations, compliance management, and setting up of a business. MeetUrPro provides a plethora of services with flexible pricing.

According to Vijayasarthy, the services provided by MeetUrPro are 50 percent cheaper than those offered by the competitors. The operations are carried out through their delivery platform, TIMI. Like every other startup, the idea for MeetUrPro was not born and executed overnight. Back in 2008-09, the founders had launched a portal called taxqbe.com for e-return preparations and offline filing. In 2014, they launched mytaxmanager.in to offer online tax consultation and filing. Catering to an overwhelming response, MeetUrPro was born. MeetUrPro has also introduced a Startup Clinic to provide services to the startups. The startup package offered by the company includes services like

  • Receipt of Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Allotment Letter
  • TAN
  • DIN
  • Liaison for Opening Bank Accounts
  • Consultancy on VAT and Service Tax Registration
  • RBI Compliance for Inbound Investments
  • FEMA Compliance for Inbound Investments

Speaking about the company’s vision, Divakar Vijayasarthy, cofounder, MeetUrPro.com commented, “MeetUrPro.com provides a reliable online avenue for professionals to expand their practices through connecting with businesses and individuals. It offers benefits and choices to customers, and allows them to access and avail of standardized professional services.” He also added that they are looking to make the Startup Clinic a regular activity along with expanding their operations to Bengaluru shortly.


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