2016 will be the Year of Mobile Experience


We all witnessed the smartphone storm hitting the country in 2015. The burgeoning segment will continue to grow by leaps and bounds over this year. If 2015 was the year of mobile, 2016 will be the year of mobile experience.


This year, special emphasis would be placed on even greater and unexplored experiences from the apps we already know and recognize. The implementation and integration would go completely cross-channel & wider. The mobile ecosystem would turn into a playground between those apps and their corresponding e-commerce and social outlets. Major social platforms have already jumped onto the eCommerce bandwagon. More and more platforms will evolve and more brands will be incorporating e-commerce features into their networks & strategy. From Instagram’s “Shop Now” to Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins”, today’s hottest platforms are looking for ways to blur the lines between desktops/laptops, social, app and e-commerce. This trend will continue in 2016 as well. There have been questions about shopping on social media. However, the focus is all set to turn to the question of ‘shopping social media via desktop or mobile’. Social media and e-commerce will continue to become more integrated, and the possibilities will open up to hit the right combination of buying and browsing buttons to turn that notion around. Mobile marketing is the future and marketers will be keen to tap the huge potential.

Instagram ads, mobile video ads and native advertising will be the fields to watch out for in 2016. Going by the last year’s figures, mobile native ads have already drawn double the CTR of display ads. In the months to come, the users will start to get familiar with the concept of ‘Apps are your reflection’. The mobile sector would focus less on optimization & they will focus more on apps. The new-age apps will be focused on serving a human experience on a mobile interface. More personalized campaigns and programmatic media automation would pave the way for the next level of mobile experience. Did you think that vertical video ads were a bygone? Think again! The trend of vertical video ads is picking up pace & major brands will be looking to bank on the trend. This trend is going to transcend past advertising and into longer-form video production as well. In early 2016 you’re going to see a significant increase in brands moving into this space, spanning further into the year as the statistics evolve to reinforce how well they really do perform. Finally, there’s one thing that 2015 taught us, it definitely taught us to Snapchat. The majority of youth is already pledging their allegiance to Snapchat in comparison with Facebook or Instagram. Ad monetization on Snapchat will only get bigger in 2016. Location- based ads, personalized ad targeting & programmatic ad spending would make Snapchat, one of the apps to watch out for. How well it catches up or how soon it fizzles, the coming months will let us know.



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