2016 will be a Year of Integrated Digital Experiences

2016 will be a Year of Integrated Digital Experiences

According to multiple advertising surveys done over the years, the trend for digital advertising firms to influx the market has been on a rise. A recent survey revealed that Internet advertising will be generating $428 billion revenues over a period of 3 years. This is an incomparable amount in comparison to the last 4-5 year’s revenues. This clearly shows that the need for incorporating internet marketing and advertising into your business enhancement plans is a must. It has been now proved that approximately 22 % of Internet users consider online advertising to be the most profitable advertising vertical. Internet advertising has overtaken other traditional advertising media such as newspapers, magazines, and radio. The industry will witness the transformation of Digital Silos to Integrated teams. The activity would be driven by changes in consumer media consumption where they continue to consume content in different formats without consciously thinking about which devices or channels. Digital silos would shrink and specialist Digital marketing managers would play a big role in designing the digital campaigns. Marketers will continue to move towards integrated planning of digital and traditional activities. The potential and huge & there is also a lot of room for improvement. Only one-quarter of companies are satisfied with their level of integration across digital and traditional communications and only 7% are fully integrated and optimized. Here’s a graphic that provides a simpler bifurcation.

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It has not yet reached its pinnacle; it is a field that is evolving with each and every day. By having a clear and transparent understanding & knowledge of certain aspects of Internet advertising, various companies and brands can find the right media mix that works for them in fulfilling their marketing needs. To achieve success in Internet advertising, you need to possess a clear knowledge of the basics of Internet functioning. Additionally, you should try to understand that some type of media can work for you, better than others depending on your type of customers and the products you offer. Online advertising firms can work wonders for your business if your customer base and your target audience are spread all over the globe. In addition to it, the monetary business transactions can be handled very easily over the Internet. It also works well with certain types of products and services and also depends on certain regions. While Internet advertising can’t directly relate to sales, it can have huge effectiveness on exercises of brand reach, reputation building and networking. Let us check out some services that these online advertising firms offer. The main services on the platter of these agencies include Email Marketing, Online Advertising, Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing and much more. The expertise of these online advertising firms lies in providing a user friendly and transparent way of giving you pivotal strategic assistance for your business. So you are way ahead in the market in comparison to your competitors with the most effective campaigns. Companies that combine technology, insights & analytics and industry expertise can provide you with new-age and on the point solutions for your marketing needs. So, it can be said that digital marketing and advertising agencies are here to stay & 2016 will be a year of integrated experiences.


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