2016-17 will be huge for the Indian Startups

16 oct

How would you define an aspiring Startup? An overflowing bucket of ideas or a closed bottle of innovation waiting to be uncapped? Both these mentions can define the ideology of Startup aspirant’s mind. Too much of something can be harmful, right? No, wrong.

Long hours of ideation, innovation & execution can lead the budding entrepreneurs to the dreamland. Recently, I saw the new HP Laptop ad being promoted with “Bend the Rules” tagline. Along with roping in a familiar young TV actor to strike a chord with the Startup generation, the core concept behind the TVC was the real winner. The ad seemed to be a debate between the working-in-a-cubicle generation and the new on-the-go startup generation. Put in a very subtle way, with a line “Like your Soch, but, Love my Approach” the TVC concludes that Startups in India are the next big thing. With well-versed industry & business veterans taking keen interest in further accelerating the Startup culture, the market will continue to grow at a rapid pace. Moving further from the eCommerce and Retail channels, new-age Indian Startups will be focusing on the latest trends to succeed on a bigger level. More and more budding entrepreneurs will be looking to focus on Virtual Reality, Enterprise Software Design and Machine Learning as these sectors are still untapped and waiting to be explored. Catering to the mobile and internet penetration, upcoming Startups will be looking to focus on the areas of Health, Online Marketplaces and Cloud Computing. While you are reading this article right now, maybe 4-5 Indian minds sitting in some small room would have already started working on the inlets to these sectors. With budding entrepreneurs looking to make their name across the globe, technology in our pockets and ample access to funding platforms, the Startup segment in India will continue to prosper in 2016.

The most promising trends to watch out for in 2016 would also include Machine learning and big data. We have been hearing about the Big Data progress for so many years. However, the business intelligence was lacking all this while. With Machine Learning and Big Data channeling to the right direction, the Startups will be highly benefited with the development. These developments implicate that the new Startups coming up at the end of the year & start of the next year will be full-stack Startups. Young and budding Indian minds will be focusing on these trends to form Startups that can build a complete and end-to-end product or service to change the Startup ecosystem in the country. Instead of trying to sell a product or a service, new Startups will be focusing on building the whole channel using modern software. Another trend to watch out for is the Bitcoin. Yes, it is still in the nascent stage and we have witnessed the Bitcoin prices dropping. However, Bitcoin adoption will start to gain pace in 2016-2017. Budding technology entrepreneurs will be looking to focus and build new payment applications for Bitcoin as an infrastructure. The success mantra for the Startups in 2016 would be, “The key is not to fail fast. The key is to succeed over the long run.”


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